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hubii started life as a successful content aggregator, working with some of the world’s largest telcos and phone manufacturers to distribute local news from hundreds of media outlets. Through our partnerships with Telenor, TCL Alcatel and Panasonic, we saw that the current model of content production, distribution and monetisation is fundamentally broken.

In 2017 we moved to incorporate blockchain technology into our existing business, with the intention to build a fairer platform for creators, distributors and consumers. Our plan required a blockchain that could handle thousands of transactions each second, with minimal latency and low fees. When we realised that the proposed scaling solutions for Ethereum were unable to meet our needs, we decided to build our own: nahmii, the first commercially-focused Ethereum scaling solution.

nahmii architecture offers unprecedented scalability to any blockchain with sufficiently advanced scripting. Built initially on Ethereum, it has been designed from the ground up for commercial use, with applications far beyond content distribution. nahmii brings blockchain-level security to payments, trading, IoT, gaming and countless other use cases; it leverages our years of experience in consumer technology to bring instant settlement, low latency transactions and competitive and predictable fees to the blockchain ecosystem. These attributes are essential to take blockchain technologies to the next level.

This pivot to nahmii complements our original vision for content distribution; using nahmii we are building an ecosystem of products across the whole lifecycle of digital assets: funding, sharing, verification, distribution and monetisation.

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hubii seed closed Alpha release

    (formerly known as project Agora)

  • content owners: control panel, content ingestion – text & image
  • content distributors: content browsing and selection, control panel


hubii core early Alpha

    (formerly known as project Omphalos)

  • Early version of wallet released for testing
  • Full scope of core revealed: wallet, wallet manager and exchange


hubii striim announced

  • Ethereum scaling solution project revealed
  • Revenue share of hubii core with HBT token holders announced


hubii at International Festival of Journalism, Italy

  • hubii on stage at media literacy session organized by Global Editors Network


hubii core and striim updates

  • hubii core update with new features
  • Alpha version of striim deployed on hubii’s internal test net


hubii seed and hubii film

  • hubii film announced as first part of hubii seed content marketplace
  • hubii hosts event for film producers during Cannes film festival


hubii core exchange

  • Alpha version of hubii core exchange is deployed
  • hubii’s video and audio stealth project is revealed


hubii at Global Editors Network Summit, Portugal

  • hubii on a panel discussing media and blockchain
  • hubii runs series of workshops on content and fact checking


striim by hubii: code and whitepaper revealed

    hubii shares details on striim, the commercially-focused Ethereum scaling solution

  • Deployed nahmii to the Ropsten testnet
  • Open striim GitHub repository
  • Whitepaper published (see scaling whitepaper below. Note that striim has been renamed to nahmii)


Beta of CLI and SDK of the scaling solution

  • Beta versions of the CLI and SDK are deployed


Scaling solution striim renamed to nahmii by hubii

The commercially-focused scaling solution by hubii gets a new name. Formerly called striim, the name is changed to nahmii, derived from the Thai word for “water”.


hubii core made open source

  • With the release of version 0.5 hubii core is made open source
  • hubii core still points to Ropsten testnet


hubii at Global Video Media Forum in China

  • Jacobo, hubii’s CEO, joins a panel discussing business models for media
  • Global Video Media Forum (VMF) is event by CCTV+
  • Established in 2011, it is a forum for media makers to share and promote ideas


hubii core: wallet manager deployed

  • Wallet manager deployed to mainnet
  • Support for major hardware wallets
  • nahmii airdriip registration for ETH holders (

Download hubii core here

4th quarter

nahmii CLI and SDK 1.0 deployed

  • Developer tools for the commercially-focused scaling solution
  • Building applications on top of nahmii made easy


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At Telenor we aspire to be our customers' favourite partner in digital life. Through engaging products and services, such as WowBox, Telenor's lifestyle app, we deliver on this ambition and give people the full benefit of being connected. WowBox has reached more than 10 million users in our Asian markets and hubii has been an integral part of making it the success that it is today, reaching out to our large user base with their global content distribution network. The team at hubii has been important in creating value for our WowBox customers by building solutions that make content distribution more effective and provide high value content. We wish them great success also in the future.

Bjørn Thorstensen

Head of WowBox, Telenor Group

The media industry is in turmoil, with traditional relationships between creators and distributors broken and standard measures of value unreliable. Blockchain, by disintermediating gatekeeper companies, can redefine the industry for the 21st century, put control in the hands of makers and users, and allow a true marketplace to establish value.

David Schlesinger

Former Editor-In-Chief, Reuters

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